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Attorney Foster Glass
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Areas of Practice

As a local Bend attorney, we offer a variety of legal services to meet our clients’ needs specializing in criminal law and civil rights litigation as a personal injury lawyer. The Law Office of Foster A. Glass has a diverse local practice that spans many types of civil cases, criminal law, including employment law, bankruptcy, adoptions, wills and trusts. Foster has been practicing law in Oregon since 1975 and believes that everyone deserves good legal representation. If you want sound, expert legal advice, call (541) 317-0703.

Law Office Of Foster A. Glass offering services including: Lawyer, Attorney, Criminal Lawyer, Adoption Attorney, Bankruptcy Attorney, Civil Attorney, Personal Injury Lawyer, Trial Lawyer, Bankruptcy Law, Wrongful Death Attorney and more.
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Attorney Foster A. Glass

Foster A. Glass earned his Political Science degree from the University of Oregon and his law degree from the University of Baltimore. He passed the bar in 1975 and has been practicing law in Oregon ever since. He was an elected District Attorney for many years and understands the legal process from both sides. Mr. Glass is passionate about making sure that clients receive good representation and a fair trial, regardless of their socioeconomic status. How much money you make should not determine whether or not your legal rights are protected. If you have been harmed in any way, call Foster Glass for a consultation and experience firsthand how he fights for the rights of his clients. Mr. Glass is an active member of the community and welcomes calls from clients and other attorneys throughout the Bend, OR area.
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New Clients

Mr. Glass and the Law Office of Foster A. Glass are advocates for their clients and ensures that they receive the best possible legal advice and representation. Individuals and businesses living in and around the state of Oregon can schedule a consultation by calling (541) 317-0703. We practice law with the utmost care, understanding that we have the ability to protect our clients, their families, and their assets both today and into the future. Foster will be happy to review your case. Most people experience rough times at some point in their lives and our legal assistance can help you to get past them.
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